Ten Reasons to Smile

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Once you stop smiling your life becomes less fun. There are many good reasons to smile, but not enough people (adults especially) practice smiling in their daily life. Take the shackles off and start smiling!

Here are 10 biggest reasons to smile:

1. Health

Smiling changes the chemistry in your body and not just puts a smile on your face, but it sends a smile through your whole body. All the cells in your body plump up and become more resilient, because of positive hormones that flow through.

2. Mental Well being

Smiling is contagious, usually if you see one person smiling other people are smiling around them. Strangely enough as an onlooker you may just start smiling yourself.

3. Psychologically

Smiling can change your mood. One day you may be in a real slump of a mood and all you have to do is smile and your day creeps slowly out of it's mote and starts to shine.

4. Social Life

Smiling is fresh to look at and more people are attracted to you. If you are usually a smiling person, you are like a breath of fresh air that walks into a room.

5. Family Life

If you are a parent or sibling in a family, you can really warm up your family life and take tension away by just casting a smile to your family members. Being conscious of how many times you don't smile will make you conscious to smile. Why not smile?

6. Builds Self Esteem

When you smile you take away negative thoughts, hence are more apt to do things that you might normally be afraid to do. Bringing you closer to your life path.

7. Teaches Forgiveness

Sometimes it is very difficult to smile when you see a person you are angry with. When you think about what a smile does...and you just smile, the other person reflects your smile. It may take a few minutes, but a laugh may ensue...Forgiveness has already happened.

8. Emotion

If you are depressed and are having difficulty getting out of you're downing life. A conscious smile done daily, more often enough will eventually shine a light on depression. Life will start to unfold in good ways that you never thought possible.

9. Faith

Smiling is real and can awaken ideas, thoughts and faith.

10. Free

Smiling won't cost you a dime, nickel or penny. It is free for the taking and the giving. It is not only for just some people, but also for all people. It is our unique innate way of healing us in our daily life!

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I am a runner, writer and an artist at heart. I research natural medicine and natural healing. I'm really interested in keeping with a whole food diet. I think it is important to make every day an happy day. Take care of your "LIFE" and your "SELF". These 'words' are truly valuable to your well-being.

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Ten Reasons to Smile

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This article was published on 2010/04/01